Commercial Real Estate Loans

Are you looking to build, purchase or renovate a commercial property? Do you want to take advantage of the distressed commercial property market? Would you like to get access to your built-up equity so you can reinvest back into growing your business? Or are you currently feeling the stress of your commercial real estate loan and looking for a solution to refinance and possibly reduce your tax obligations?  

At FV Vantage™, we can strategically structure the capital stack of your commercial real estate project funding needs and potentially reduce your taxes, which can include:

  • potential capital gains tax benefits.
  • tax credits against your federal income tax.
  • or defer capital gains and related federal income tax liability.

We offer a range of affordable and flexible commercial real estate financing to suit your business.

  • Non-profit and for-profit healthcare facilities for acquisition, construction, or equipment purchase.
  • Minority group business owners for working capital, business acquisition, equipment, debt refinance and real estate purchases.
  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate properties.
  • Businesses located in low and moderate-income areas for working capital, business acquisition, equipment, debt refinance, and real estate purchases.
  • Single-family rental community developments.
  • Agriculture-related CRE developments including water. treatment facilities.
  • Renewable energy facilities such as utility-size power storage facilities.
  • Oil and gas-related facilities including pump stations and pipelines.
  • Logistics-related facilities including distribution centers and storage complexes.

Whether you want to expand your business, acquire an existing business or commercial property, or you would like to refinance your current CRE loan to one that is more accommodating to you financially, FV Vantage™ has the solution for you.

Talk to FV Vantage™ today about your CRE funding needs and how you can possibly reduce your tax obligations and contribute to undercapitalized communities by investing in commercial real estate.

FAQs About Commercial Real Estate Loans

This is a situation we come across often. As a business grows, it needs funding to help with that growth. However, the multiple repayments for various amounts at different rates can quickly get out of hand and cause stress. At FV Vantage™, we will review every possible scenario to see how we can strategically structure the capital stack of your commercial real estate (and other funding) needs. It will make your business more attractive and gives you access to the right private lenders to refinance your loans. To discover how we can help you out of a stressful situation, contact FV Vantage™ today.

Yes, we can. We have specific CRE loans for businesses that operate in low and moderate-income areas. The funds can be used for working capital, business acquisition and expansion, tenant improvements, debt refinance, equipment, inventory and real estate purchases. Our flexibility with loans such as these is why we are considered the preferred alternative to businesses that can’t obtain funds from a bank. Discover how FV Vantage™ can help your business receive the funding you need by contacting us today.

The length of time to be approved depends on the type of loan, the documents needed, and in some cases, the amount you wish to borrow. Generally, we allow 30 - 60 days for funds to be approved. The best way to speed up the process and prevent unnecessary delays is to talk to one of the FV Vantage™ business funding experts. They will determine the right CRE loan for your situation and compile a list of all the relevant documentation you will need to prevent unnecessary delays.

There are many federal and individual state incentives to reduce your tax when purchasing or renovating a commercial property. These can include payroll tax credits for jobs created, tax credits for the preservation of income-producing buildings that are certified historic structures, and tax deductions for energy-efficient improvements to commercial buildings. With the correct funding structure, your business can take advantage of these incentives to reduce your tax obligations while improving the building and investing in the local community.