Annual Scholarship

Annual Scholarship by FV Vantage™

FV Vantage™, a team of business funding solution experts, is not only passionate about business success, but we also want to help students continue their education. Our annual scholarship supports this.

We understand that not everyone has the ability to pay for college or university. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering financial assistance to those in need with the FV Vantage™ Annual Scholarship.

The FV Vantage™ Annual Scholarship offers 2 recipients $600 each to go towards educational expenses. Applicants must be incoming, undergraduate, or graduate students. This annual scholarship doesn’t expire and is recurring each new school semester

The Application Process

Our content writing contest requires No Payment, No Fees, & No Credit Card info to enter. This is strictly a contest.
Awarded funds will be sent directly to your university financial aid administrative office with your full name and student ID for official disbursement.

Your information is kept completely confidential and will not be used or made public. We may ask for your permission to post your written content on our blog post section and you will be given credit and sourced for your content.

To apply for the FV Vantage™ Annual Scholarship, you’ll write a 500-800-word essay about funding for business needs. We will share essay topic suggestions and scholarship eligibility requirements below.

After we review each scholarship application, FV Vantage™ will select 2 recipients. We will award each recipient a $600 scholarship to help cover the cost of tuition.

Each application submission will be carefully reviewed and considered. We will select and contact all scholarship recipients via email by 10th of the next most recent month of the semester.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria

Each scholarship applicant must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • Be currently enrolled in a United States university or college for the upcoming school year.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Submit their application by the last day of the first month of the semester (i.e., If the semester begins on September 9th, the application is due by September 30th.)

Other Requirements:

  • Essay submissions must be sent via email to FV Vantage™ at [email protected] with ‘annual scholarship application’ in the subject line.
  • Submissions must include your essay, college or university enrollment documentation, and a copy of your official or unofficial transcript indicating your GPA.
  • You accept that your essay may be published on the FV Vantage™ website or social
    media if chosen as a finalist.

What to Write About

Scholarship applicants are required to write a 500-800-word essay about funding for business
needs. You may choose from one of the topics below or use these for inspiration.

  1. Top 10 Reasons You Might Need Business Funding
  2. How a Business Line of Credit Could Be Helpful
  3. What is Asset-Based Financing?
  4. The Purpose of a Merchant Cash Advance Buyout Loan
  5. How Funding Can Help You Grow Your Business
  6. Does Your Business Need a Commercial Real Estate Loan?
  7. Why You Should Consider a Business Line of Credit
  8. How You Can Get Out of High-Interest Business Loan Payments
  9. Funding Options to Help You Scale Your Business
  10. What You Need to Know About Business Loans

The Importance of Business Funding Solutions

FV Vantage™ offers funding solutions to suit business needs. Our in-depth business discovery analysis can reveal which funding solutions are available, from government grants to loans and more. FV Vantage™ also helps businesses file for funding and helps you receive those funds.

Business funding solutions are critical for many reasons and are essential for growth. Businesses can use funding for various expenses, including purchasing or renovating a commercial property, covering unexpected costs, maintaining cash flow to continue operating or growing your business, and more. FV Vantage™ helps with all of these potential expenses.

About FV Vantage™

FV Vantage™ helps businesses grow and meet their goals with proper funding. We find and acquire the most suitable funding solutions using a 3-step process: find it, file it, fund it.

When the banks can’t help, FV Vantage™ steps in to ensure businesses can fund necessary expenses and growth opportunities. We work with various funding solutions, including line of creditbusiness loansasset-based financingcommercial real estate loans, and merchant cash advance buyout loans.

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