Government Grants

The government gives away over five hundred billion dollars annually via grants to help business initiatives and stimulate the economy. These are available at the Federal, State, and Local Levels.

There are over one thousand business grants on offer servicing more than sixty industries. These include grants for minorities, underserved markets, start-ups, women and even real estate.

Unlike a loan, government grants don’t have to be paid back. So yes, it is free money. However, because a grant is funded by tax dollars, there is a very detailed application process that should be completed by a professional grant proposal writer.

So, why have you not heard of them? Because the government is not very good at advertising. This is where we at FV Vantage™ excel. We will explore all the government grant possibilities available for your business to see if you are eligible for a slice of the “Free Money” Pie.

We save you the stress and countless lost hours trying to figure out which grants you can apply for. And by having FV Vantage™ do the work on your behalf, you won’t miss-out on any funding you are eligible for, because we know how to navigate the application process to get you approved. Contact us today to find out more.

Private Foundation Grants

A private foundation is an independent legal entity that also gives away money in the form of grants to charities and businesses. The funding is to be used to create transformative ideas and scalable solutions to benefit the community.

There are over ninety thousand private foundations in the US that collectively give away billions of dollars annually to help business initiatives.

Private foundation funding can be hard to locate and even harder to apply for and receive approval unless you go through the proper channels. That’s why it’s imperative you contact FV Vantage™ first, when considering your funding options. We will review your business, and if eligible for private foundation funding, help you through the application process.

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FAQs About Grants

A. Because of the high number of grants available, both government and private foundations, we recommend contacting FV Vantage™ to discuss your business first. Every grant application process has different requirements. So it is important you follow the instructions as stated. Some grants are only offered to specific industries for specific purposes. So it is vital your application clearly states what the funds will be used for and that your business meets all the criteria. Once we understand your business and eligibility, we will show you the available grants and help you with the application process.

A. Yes, this is correct. Unlike a loan, a grant is money you don’t have to pay back. However, to successfully obtain a grant, you must meet the specific criteria for the grant you have applied for. If you haven’t applied for a grant before, the process can be complicated and overwhelming. We recommend using a professional team like FV Vantage™ to source the correct grant for your business and help you with the application process to give you the best chance of receiving approval.

A. Yes, there are many grants available for minority-owned businesses. A minority doesn’t only refer to a particular race or community. A minority can also include people who suffer from a particular illness, single moms, and low-income families. If you are considered a minority business, contact FV Vantage™, and we will help you assess the grants you can apply for.