Line Of Credit

Would you like instant access to funds when you need them, and only pay interest on the amount you borrow? Do you feel frustrated when an opportunity suddenly presents itself, and you don’t have the cash on hand to take advantage of it? Or, if a vital piece of operational equipment fails and you don’t have the funds to purchase a replacement immediately, costing you downtime? 

A business line of credit could be your solution. A business line of credit allows business owners to tap into a revolving credit line on an as-needed basis. The benefits of a Line of Credit include:

  • Cover recurring or unexpected short-term expenses.
  • Improve or manage your cash flow.
  • Take advantage of new business opportunities.
  • Only make repayments on the amount you draw.
  • No lump-sum disbursement made at account opening that requires a subsequent monthly payment.
  • Pay back your credit line anytime, without any early repayment fees.

Once you pay back the borrowed amount, the total amount of credit you have approval for is available again for you to use. Since repayment terms and eligibility requirements vary by lender, the best line of credit for your business will depend on your company’s unique needs and financial standing.

To find out more and see if your business pre-qualifies, contact FV Vantage™ today.

FAQs About Lines Of Credit

Your approval limit will depend on multiple factors. These may include how long your business has been operating, your financials to prove you can repay the borrowed amount, and a good credit score. We offer secured and unsecured lines of credit from $20k to $5MM. The easiest way to see if you prequalify for a line of credit and the amount you can borrow is to contact FV Vantage™ today for a discovery chat.

It will depend on your business and financial standing. We offer secured lines of credit, which means you put up assets as collateral that can be sold by the lender if you default on the borrowed amount. Typically start-ups will fall into this category. We also offer unsecured lines of credit where you don’t need any collateral to receive approval. For both options, we offer lines of credit from $20k up to $5MM. To see whether you prequalify for an unsecured or secured line of credit, contact FV Vantage™ today. We offer a quick approval process so you can access the funds sooner than you think.

  1. A line of credit and a credit card are similar in that you have a fixed limit you can borrow, and you only pay interest on the amount you use until you pay it back. The main difference is the amount you can borrow. We offer lines of credit from $20k up to $5MM.

A loan is different because once approved, the total amount you want to borrow is made available, but you start making monthly repayments on the total amount plus interest until it is all paid back to the lender. This is the agreement whether you use the funds or not.

A line of credit is revolving, meaning once you pay back the amount you have used, you can borrow that money again for other business-related purposes and continue this cycle as needed. A line of credit gives you cash on demand when you need it. Talk to FV Vantage™ today to discuss how a line of credit can help your business grow.

A line of credit gives you access to funds to cover any short-term operational costs of your business. Typically business owners use a LOC to:


  • Provide extra cash flow while waiting for customer invoices to be paid
  • Cover payroll when needed
  • Cover unexpected costs like replacing equipment that has broken down or inventory
  • Take advantage of sudden opportunities like discounted bulk supply purchases
  • Support sudden business growth

A line of credit gives you access to funds when needed and a financial safety net if your business experiences off-peak seasons in trade or forced closure. Contact FV Vantage™ today to discuss your funding needs and to determine if a LOC is the right funding solution for your business.